Mentor Simon Armitage. Simon’s research is considering the application of Optically Stimulated light (OSL) a relationship to later Quaternary sediments.


Mentor Simon Armitage. Simon’s research is considering the application of Optically Stimulated light (OSL) a relationship to later Quaternary sediments.

Professor in Quaternary Research

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Simon Armitage graduated with a BA in landscape during the University of Oxford before relocating to the school of Wales Aberystwyth to find his PhD entitled “Testing and applying of light techniques making use of sediment from southeast African region” beneath the direction of Prof. Ann Wintle and Prof. Geoff Duller. He or she finished their PhD and relocated back again to Oxford exactly where he was used by four several years as a postdoctoral analyst on two NERC funded projects. Simon is furnished Lecturer in natural Geography at regal Holloway in 2006.

Simon’s research is relying on the effective use of Optically Stimulated light (OSL) dating to belated Quaternary sediments. In particular he or she is contemplating temperature change and archaeology in dryland environments. His or her recent process concentrates on the impacts recently Quaternary climatic changes upon pre-industrial human/hominin populations in Africa and so the Arabian Peninsula. Simon happens to be dealing with research projects in Libya, Nigeria, SA as well United Arab Emirates.

Research appeal

Environment and archaeology of Africa and the Arabian PeninsulaMy current and continuing research is focussed on environment alter and archaeology in drylands. In particular, extremely contemplating the effects that delayed Quaternary climatic changes have seen upon pre-industrial human/hominin populations in Africa and also the Arabian Peninsula. While environmental information for modification tends to be unfashionable much more moist areas of the world, truly clear that environment try of important benefit in regions that are presently during the margins of habitability. In North Africa and Arabia, learning the interplay between conditions change and human being populations is especially important from time to time structured around the latest two interglacials. Across period of the finally interglacial, anatomically modern human beings (AMHs) moved past sub-Saharan Africa and began to colonise the rest of the planet (the so-called “Out of Africa” migration). In North Africa, my research primarily concerns environmentally friendly back ground to this idea migration, particularly assessing the expectation your Sahara served as a strong boundary to past personal migrations. Plus, extremely now supervising a PhD scholar who’s supplying a chronology for man career in surroundings round the popular North Libyan cavern site at Haua Fteah. This great site probably produces research for early individual occupation from the north finish of a trans-Saharan migration road. In Arabia, our latest work possesses focused upon internet dating first explanation for AMH occupation associated with the Arabian Peninsula.

Analysis passions (went on)

Optically Excited Light (OSL) internet dating

Your primary tool for geographic studies are optically stimulated light (OSL) a relationship. Over the last ten years the single-aliquot auto-generating amount process possesses generated significant reduces in the concerns regarding OSL years, but these developments has contributed to the detection of extra sourced elements of mistakes which were before of minimal significance. My own exploration into the luminescence belongings of mineral is run through criteria to enhance the reputation of many years created with regard to my continuous interests in weather changes and archaeology. This has resulted in analysis into instrument calibration as well as the creation of accurate many years for sediments which are poorly-reset, very old or placed within regions which experience intense climatic problems. Latest plans which use the expertise attained throughout this process have the Cyrenaican Prehistory draw (Haua Fteah, Libya) and dating of sites inside joined Arab Emirates (Jebel Faya) and SA (De ring characteristics book).

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